The American technology giant, Apple, released it iconic iPad in 2010. This device created a new market niche positioned between the smartphone and the laptop computer. In addition, an iPad can connect to the Internet via either a Wi-Fi or a 3G mobile data link.

As such, your iPad is an excellent tool to allow you to speculate on the financial markets especially when on the move. For example, you can trade forex on an iPad as many brokers exist who provide sophisticated mobile trading platforms allowing you to do so.

Another method that you can investigate in order to trade forex from an iPad is to use binary options. This is because this trading vehicle has a number of advantages over more traditional ones which are mainly based on its simplicity of use. For instance, you only have to focus on the direction of price movements and not their size when you trade binary options.

Binary options are also very good at allowing you to hedge your investment portfolio. For instance, if Apple was about to release a new and more powerful version of its iPad then you should consider opening a ‘call’ binary option using the shares of this company as the underlying asset. This is because you believe that Apple shares will increase in value in the near future.

However, you may also deduce that such an event will adversely affect Apple’s rivals. Consequently, you could hedge your first investment by activating a ‘put’ binary option using the shares of a company such as Microsoft as its underlying asset.