The foreign currency trade has always had a kind of allure to some people, perhaps it is the chance to make some extravagant profits, or maybe it’s the idea that you could risk it all on the outcome of a day’s trading. While neither of these is technically true, online forex trade does allow you to make profit (though making millions will take some time) and the chances of losing everything are extremely slim. Some companies even offer you some of your losses back simply for using their trading platform.

So what are the key factors that a new user should expect from an online forex trading site, especially one of the industry leaders? Well, most sites will have slight variations on the same concept so choosing just one will often come down to personal choice rather than any discernable factor, but what you should at least be looking for is binary options that are available, how much foreign currency trade they have done so far and what kind of backup service you will get in return for your patronage.

Some of the larger online forex sites will offer users the chance to learn the trade before they start going at it for real by using online trading software or even just a selection of written materials to read. Better yet is to choose a site that has a healthy community spirit, this way there will always be other users you can talk to to learn more about trading online.